As we mentioned in an earlier post, India has updated their compulsory registration scheme to include batteries in the list of mandatory goods.  So what is involved in obtaining battery registration for India?  And what batteries are covered?

Secondary batteries for use in portable devices are included in the new mandatory list of products.  The most common batteries included in this category are Li ion batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and NiCd batteries.  IS16406 will be the standard applied to these cells and batteries, this is a harmonized standard with the first edition of IEC62133 (2002).  Even though the India standard is a harmonized standard, a CB report cannot be used to obtain this battery registration and samples are required to be tested in India by a certified lab.

Another interesting product type that is included in the new list of mandatory products is power banks.  These are the portable re-chargers that are available on the market to boost the charge of your portable electronic devices.  These products are batteries but are also chargers.  The battery is typically charged from a USB charger or port and then used to charge another device.  These are available in all shapes and sizes and sometimes even as part of a device that does something else where the internal battery is used to power the device and charge another device at the same time.  India standard IS 13252 is the appropriate standard, which is the standard for information technology equipment, and is harmonized with IEC60950-1.

As we mentioned in our previous post, each factory that produces the battery or power bank will be required to hold a separate registration. However, there will not be factory inspections for on-going compliance verification.  This will be done through market surveillance, although how this will be done has not yet been determined.  Registration will need to be renewed every two years and will require the support of someone in India to complete the process of registration once the testing and report preparation are completed.  There is a limited time window of 90 days to complete the registration once the report has been issued.

Compliant and registered products will need to be marked as compliant with the following information:

“Self Declaration – conforming to IS16406, R-xxxxxxx”

On the product and on the packaging.  The font size should be 12 point or 1/4th the size of the brand name, whichever is less.  The minimum font size allowed is 6 point.  The label is allowed to be screen printed, engraved or on an adhesive label if it is found to be durable.  More labeling information can be found here.