Thermal Runaway

Multiple online sources define thermal runaway as “a repeating cycle in which excessive heat causes more heat until the operation ceases, or an explosion occurs”. To mitigate risk and avoid thermal runaway of lithium batteries, it’s important to understand the ways in which to mitigate risk. If a cell goes into thermal runaway, what are the effects on a product? We dive into this and more in our latest whitepaper

energy assurance worked to certify safe and reliable medical devices during a pandemic

Essential Testing

As critical medical devices like ventilators were needed to fight the pandemic, Inventus Power was in a position to ramp up production of battery packs and assist in getting these devices onto the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. As one of the only fully-operating battery test labs, Energy Assurance was selected as the testing lab for Inventus Power and the project.

voltaiq dashboard

EA ChannelView, powered by Voltaiq

Energy Assurance provides comprehensive battery testing and certification services to customers across the globe. In 2019, we chose Voltaiq, a Battery Intelligence™ software tool, to automate battery analysis and provide real-time data access to our customers.