Energy Assurance COO, John Copeland will be speaking at Battery Power 2015 in Denver in August.  The title of his presentation will be – “A Review of America’s First Step Towards the Harmonization of Portable Battery Standards: UL62133”.  This presentation reviews the current state of the new standard and how it compares with existing American battery standards.  Going a level deeper, we will discuss what its introduction means in regards to host-device regulatory compliance for battery-powered portable devices.  UL62133 was released in January 2015 and it is the first UL battery standard to be harmonized with the IEC standards and it is very different from the current UL standards.  So what does this mean for battery manufacturers and end device manufacturers globally?  When is it most appropriate to use UL62133?  When is it more appropriate to use UL 2054 and UL 1642?  What differences are there between UL62133 and the existing IEC62133 standard?  What other standards are harmonizing?  What is the future of UL 1642 and UL 2054?  How will UL62133 impact current certifications?  In the Battery Power 2015 presentation, John will take a look at the newest UL standard for portable rechargeable batteries and how it compares to the current standards and look at how this could impact the ever changing global regulatory field for Portable Li ion Batteries.

Battery Power 2015 is going to be a very informative event, visit the conference program site for more information about the great topics that will be presented.