January 27, 2021 — Your product is only as good as the battery! Unfortunately, battery product failures can happen at any time. What should you do when you experience a battery failure?

Detailed failure analyses result in better yields, profitability, and business. Failure analysis leads to knowledge, which leads to improvement that strengthens the performance of a company’s product and its brand. A legal expert on lithium-ion failure analysis, Russ Gyenes, Principal Engineer, answers these questions.

This webinar covers key topics:

  • Why pursue failure analysis
  • Third-party lab value and expertise
  • What to expect during failure analysis
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Aved's webinar on regulatory compliance for lithium-ion batteries

May 26, 2020 — Aved Electronics hosted a webinar featuring Cindy Millsaps of Energy Assurance discussing regulatory compliance for lithium-ion batteries.

This webinar covers:

  • Selecting the proper regulatory standards for your application
  • Understanding national and international requirements for battery packs/end devices
  • Typical testing timelines
  • Label requirements
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